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Other Steam horror game "Devotion" gets review bombed for calling Xi Jinping "Winnie The Pooh"


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"Devotion", a first-person atmospheric horror game depicting the life of a family shadowed by religious belief, is Twitch's recent hottest horror game. Developed by Taiwan-based developer Red Candle, "Devotion" is set in a 1980s Taiwanese apartment complex, uses nostalgic setting to create tension in the story Inspired by East Asian folklore.

"Devotion" was number 1 on Steam's Top Selling Games chart for a few days and has received over 1000 Steam reviews 6 hours after its release with a 92% positive rating.

The game was trending on China's social media platforms. Gamers praised the game last 4 days for its storytelling and tearjerking soundtrack, calling it "national pride".

4 days after its release, the game is being review bombed by Chinese players for a red seal on an in-game poster that said, “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh”. The poster was a Fulu talisman (instructions to deities, spirits, or as tools of exorcism).

Discussions related to Devotion are currently banned in major Chinese gaming forums. Recent reviews of the game have taken a drastic negative turn, the majority of them being from Chinese players. Some instantly refunded after playing for 2 hours.

Most negative reviews on steam accused Red Candle of supporting Taiwan independence, insulting their own national leaders, and use the game to satirize the cult, Xi's party.

Popular Chinese streamers who praised the game all took a u-turn. Walkthroughs and gameplay are removed.

Steam is currently making a Chinese version and is still being judged by the board. Chinese players claim if the authorities find out about the mocking reference, entire Steam could be banned in the country.


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that is some really harsh criticism.