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Official GL Credit Legend Thread


Staff member
Below is the list on how to gain credits here on the Gaming Latest forum, you can then spend your credits however you like with other forum members or in the GL shop. All credits listed below are subject to change, please keep an eye on the monthly update topics for any change notices.

Last updated:

New Topics - 20 Credits (so long as post is at least 25 characters or more)

New Replies - 8 Credits (so long as post is at least 10 characters or more)

Trophy Awarded - 50 Credits for every new one you gain.

Upload an Avatar for first time - 25 Credits

XF Media Gallery Comment on your uploaded image - 11 Credits (so long as post is at least 50 characters or more)

Daily Activity - 5 Credits for simply logging in on a new day.

Get your thread sticky - 15 Credits

Happy Birthday - 500 Credits on your birthday and a forum messages to boot!

Make a poll - 12 Credits (on top of a new topic credit) / (so long as there is four options or more)

Gain a follower on your profile - 5 credits

Rate a resource - 10 credits (of 2 stars or more)

Rate a media image - 10 credits (of 2 stars or more)

Report a topic on the forum - 250 credits (1,000 credit reduction if its an obvious bad reporting)

Upload a resource - 3 credits

Upload an image - 3 credits

Upload a reply attachment - 3 credits

Voting on a poll - 2 credits

Welcome to the site - 500 Credits for becoming an member here

Gain a like - 3 credits for someone liking your post

Arcade - 1 up to 5,000 credits, play games, gain high scores win the contests to really rack up the credits on this forum!

Donate actual money to Gaming Latest - pending on the amount you give, the more credits you get! PM @Demon_Skeith for more info.