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Joining the arcade and other info

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Sadly, with our advance into xenforo 2, we lost our usability of our built in forum arcade (once again, sending hours of my time building its game list into the void :( ) so an alternative was needed! Thanks to @Danielx64 for the suggestion, we now use the My Arcade Plugin on our WordPress site (link on the navi bar above or click here), dedicated to endless hours of gaming. Although there are some draw backs that I will now go over.

Your account is already on there but....

Thanks to a neat bridge, your account is already on the arcade website but due to a small issue, the password won't match up with it from what you have on the forum. I have no idea what the password is on your wordpress connected account so you will simply need to reset the password, follow the email instructions to set a new one. Should you have an issue with this please PM @Demon_Skeith

Not all games keep scores...

Surely a paid large arcade script will keep all scores for the games it can host? Surely right? Hahahahahahahaaaaaah... NO! They do not, so I've been looking into the issue and have two methods that will work.

Non-Score Games

If you play a game that doesn't keep a score on the arcade itself, it will display a final score for your efforts. What you can do is take a screen shot (using a browser addon or making use of your prt scr button on your keyboard) and then posting it on your desktop (open Paint or something, past it and then save) and then use our Media addon link, to upload it to the site and then what you can do is make a topic in this arcade board below with the arcade name being in the title where you can paste your score for all to see.

I know I know, it's a tad bit on the hassle side, but hey, we're gamers, and we will go the extra mile to showoff! If you get a really impressive score, I or another staff member may pop into the topic and host a mini contest that if anyone beats the score, they will get forum points! For convenience and due to how large the arcade will grow, you should post a link to the game as well!

Should you beat someone's score, be sure to screen shot it, or we'll call shenanigans on you beating it :p

Scoring Games

Majority of the games on the arcade right now are non-scoring, but there are those that keep score on the arcade will be listed in the score category or will have its game type followed by score in the category. Recent scores will be located in a widget on the game page itself with more score display widgets coming soon.

Games should work on all browsers

Browser addons pending, all games should work for all browsers, at least chrome if nothing else. If a game is not working, please make a topic in this board, GL feedback or just PM @Demon_Skeith so I can look into it and see what could be up or simply remove it from being a bother.


Every month there will an arcade contest on the arcade website with forum credits up for grabs for the top winners. You can keep an eye on the pin topic in this board or check our the navi link on the arcade website itself (coming soon). Be sure to check out the contest info page and click 'join contest' before going after that top spot.


If you like to suggest anything for the arcade, point out errors, like to offer your help (I'm the sole person working on it right now X_X) or have any suggestions, you can post it in this arcade board or in the main GL suggestions board or you may PM @Demon_Skeith to discuss it further.

Thank you and enjoy the arcade! This topic was last updated on:
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