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GL update 8/8


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It's a new month! Happy 15 years Gaming Latest! And new updates on the GL forums.

Welcome everyone to the eighth forum update of the year! Keeping this short so as always...

---- Of the Month ----

Goes to for such an amazing birthday present!

Topic of the month is: 200TB SSDs on the way

---- Happy Birthday Gaming Latest ----

Let this month be all Gaming Latest! The social group board has been changed to forums to celebrate all forums in general and the contest is month long with big prizes! Please check out everything here:

There will be a new theme in the coming month! Sadly it was not ready by today. There is also new banners for all the themes and update topics!

We currently have 475,959 posts and 4,088 members. In this last month we made over 2,233 posts! We also gained 4 active new members!
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