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25-year-old died using Wii Fit game


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Tim Eves was 'jogging' on the spot using the games console at home when he slumped to the floor.

His girlfriend Emma Tuck and friend Lewis Hickin, both 25, called an ambulance and tried to revive Mr Eves, but he was declared dead on arrival to hospital, despite the efforts of paramedics.

Mr Eves, who was a scout leader who enjoyed fishing and playing drums in a rock and roll band, had been fit and well.

The family have been told he could have been killed by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

He died on March 4 after returning home from a trip to Portugal, where his parents live, to celebrate his mother's 50th birthday.

His father Alan said: "Tim packed so much into the 25 years that even if he had lived another 25 years he couldn't possibly have made any more friends.

"We all loved him so much."

Mr Eves, who lived in Hopton-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, died at home just moments after speaking with his mother, June.

She said: "We spoke to him on the phone when he was playing on the Wii machine. He told us he had just ordered himself a kebab and was sitting there with a glass of port.

"But a little while after he had put the phone down, he collapsed for no reason. It was completely out of the blue.

"They still can't come up with an answer why it happened, which is one of the reasons it is so hard to come to terms with – there was no reason for it.

"It is just unbelievable."

Tim was a labourer for Steel Services in Yarmouth with Mr Hickin.

A post-mortem has been held but the cause of death is yet to be determined.




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I thought a sudden stroke was bad but to just drop dead randomly for no apparent reason... I didn't know such a syndrome existed. Consoling name for it too. >: t


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Could be ana-rism or whatever you call it. Its when blood vessal just goes pop in the brain. Some people are born with it and it could happen anytime in their lifetime. So likely nothing could of been done to stop it or prevent it. Its just one of those 'its your time' things that happen in life.