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    school orchestra

    Very good! I'm in orchestra, our band and orchestras have won many awards as well as our choral programs. Actually one of the directors at our school was in the top quartet in the entire world in 2007 (part of Max Q). Our school also produced Kid Cudi.
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    Does it bother you when people say "White wash to ethnic people"

    It doesn't really bother me. Our town has a lot of Asian (East and West), Caucasian and African Americans (lack of latinos) so race isn't such a huge deal. There's a lot of asian pride and you can see racial cliques. Like I have a caucasian friend who like the rest of my Asian friends is...
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    Do you like people for their Character, and not for what they have or look like?

    I tend to like my friends for their personality but I tend to try to surround myself with pretty people as I'm pretty vain I guess. I mean it's tough having pretty friends being compared and all of that. Normally people make friends with me rather than the other way around since I'm shy so I...
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    2010-2011 School year

    1.) Chinese 2 2.) Geometry 3.) World History 4.) Honors Bio 5.) Orchestra (mostly likely concert orchestra, no try-outs yet for the upper one) 6 Sem 1.) Design Fund. 6 Sem. 2.) Painting (got bumped up a class since the other one was filled) 7.) Honors English All my classes require me to go...
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    Ctrl-V game

    Sig I made, copied to be used another site.
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    Have you ever been to a concert?

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    Do you think sewing is an important skill to learn?

    I wish I could sew, my dad works for a company that sells fabric too. On the first day of sewing in home ec. I dropped my needle in the machine... Then I proceeded to have to restitch every step since I was so bad with the machine. And the year prior I was the second last to finish sewing my...
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    Favorite Manga/Anime

    Princess * Princess, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Kyo Kara MAOH!, Hetalia, and Black Sun Silver Moon.
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    Does it bother you when people pronounce words badly?

    It happens a lot in school, I hate it when people volunteer to read and then they can't pronounce the words.
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    Animals and insects Falling from the Sky

    It reminds me of a song that goes, "It's raining men", except men are generally more large than fish. And well that would be rather painful for both parties.
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    iPads sells one million In 28 Days

    My dad bought an i-Pad. He has a Kindle and over 20 i-Pods. Honestly some people just spend money to spend it. It doesn't even look that cool up close honestly :/
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    Lady Gaga

    She said she's a performer in an interview before. There's even a whole music branch (visual kei) that is dedicated to fashion choices. Really, where have some of our styles come from? The "emo kids" "metal heads" "Hip hop" even the "country folk" all have their look. Besides she knows how to...
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    st. patrick's day

    My mom's Irish so I wore my green VOLCOM shirt. Nothing else really.
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    Rough Style

    Should I run with this style, I'm planning on of course cleaning up the lines better as I messily erased and also making the sig less red. But other than that does it look good?
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    Do you lurk/hang out on chat rooms and don't chat, but read?

    No... Lurkers scare me greatly in fact.