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  1. Spiritwarrior

    Who started this idea of having to "win" E3?

    I thought such fanboy wars were a thing of the past.  I think the whole craze began in the early 2000s by crazed and obsessed gamers, before E3 set up the press conference meeting style.
  2. Spiritwarrior

    Now retiring, thanks for 6+ years!

    It's true that I have not gotten a chance to know some of you. Who knows, I may come back and check how this gaming community is shaping up. I'll leave with this. To DS and the staff, keep this board going smooth.
  3. Spiritwarrior

    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween guys :)
  4. Spiritwarrior

    Now retiring, thanks for 6+ years!

    Good evening fellas :) For many years I spent getting this site noticed across the web, in search engines and other sites. That work is pretty much done. Sadly, after Halloween I'm retiring as one of DS's assistant admins. Unfortunately, attending to other matters caused me to derail from...
  5. Spiritwarrior

    Nintendo on DRM

    Yeah it wouldn't be good for Nintendo to do this since it cares more about its fans.
  6. Spiritwarrior

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is now XV

    It caught me by surprise that Square Enix changed the name of this game to FF15.
  7. Spiritwarrior

    Killer Instinct

    Good to see Killer Instinct coming back, but the combos ought to be made easier than on the SNES and Gameboy versions. I have the Gameboy version and the combo controls weren't easy.
  8. Spiritwarrior

    E3 Lightning Returns Trailer

    Loved the trailer, and cannot wait for its release since I've played FFXIII and FFXIII-2.
  9. Spiritwarrior

    Xbox One Controller

    Not much of a change, except the Xbox menu button moved to the top a bit.
  10. Spiritwarrior

    Xbox One requires Internet

    It's almost like what that resigned MS exec said on Twitter about a month ago, but it's still early though. If gamers do not have the Internet while playing a game on this console, they may be out of luck.
  11. Spiritwarrior

    Xbox One's used game policy

    So you buy a game, and then you register it and install it. Looks like more space is needed if you play dozens of games. In the case of used games, it's more about expanding MS's anti-piracy initiative on console games on top of Windows software, which they have been doing for years.
  12. Spiritwarrior

    The gun issue

    The gov't can help by making sure the mentally ill and criminals do not get a chance to own a gun. Some even think this can lead to a gun purge/confiscation. Plus, in places like Japan and Russia, you don't get to own a gun. The only folks that carry them in countries like that are the...
  13. Spiritwarrior

    Is our government attacking us?

    Some think it's a false flag like the folks at, others think the Boston bombers did it themselves. Just their own views on the issue. It's not just one single government wanting to go up against the population, it's the top hidden elites.
  14. Spiritwarrior

    Chinese Man Arrested For Having Over 700k Adult Videos

    No surprise here, because the Chinese regime is known to block out Internet porn, on top of sliencing Internet dissidents in the country. Never thought they would go after those who have that stuff in their hard drives.
  15. Spiritwarrior

    Do you eat a lot of fast food?

    About every two weeks I get some fast food stuff.