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Recent content by Rocky

  1. Rocky

    Destiny gamer who died gets his final goodbye

    I didnt know him personally, but he will be missed in the gaming community, never good to see someone go so early, Rocky
  2. Rocky

    PC RPG Games

    Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 are good options, Rocky
  3. Rocky

    Juat saying hello...

    Hello and welcome to GF here :) you are joining at a rather exciting time! Lots of fresh stuff coming in the next few months :D Rocky
  4. Rocky

    Still like feedback on PC-Mobile-Others

    PC master race needs its own forum imo Rocky
  5. Rocky

    When will you upgrade?

     Will probably stay PC, the new conosles dont do enough to attract me yet, PC master race :cool:  Once the consoles take the step into actual virtual reality, then i might be interested.. Rocky
  6. Rocky

    Is Alienware Working On A Gaming Tablet?

     This is a very good idea for them, especially since they have the name and can easily compete on that market. Hopefully they make it durable and powerful, with the ability to run any app the same way as regular tablets.  -Rocky
  7. Rocky

    Against Mom with only 1 heart - LERRROY JENKINSSS

     Hey guys, been playing some Binding of Isaac... check out this video of an amazing battle, let me kno your thoughts! the adernaline was pumping.. enjoy :) - Rocky
  8. Rocky

    Hey Gamers!

    Hello buddy, welcome to the forums here! - Rocky
  9. Rocky

    Martin's 2015 gaming record

    Nice man, you should be able to do this EASILY as long as you play more than 10 hours a week lol
  10. Rocky

    teamspeak sever

    For sure guys, the server has enough room for dozens of people, and is helpful when playing games where voice communication helps. Its a social thing lol and really easy + free so hopefully you guys are down to chat   :thumbsup:
  11. Rocky

    Is Kinect dead?

    Check this article out: Here They are trying to revamp the kinect stuff That was just posted on IGN, kinda interesting tho it goes with what you mentioned
  12. Rocky

    Concept Art for a failed BIOSHOCK movie

    Source Here.. By Scott Collura There was a time when director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) was working on a BioShock movie for Universal Pictures. Unfortunately, budget and creative clashes between Verbinski and the studio ultimately doomed the project. But at least we’ve got an...
  13. Rocky

    Free Netflix

    le sigh got the S5 a few months ago, o well guess ill keep using my gfs account lmao
  14. Rocky

    NFL playoffs baby! Yeaaaaa

     Nice brotha! I too am a lifelong Dalls fan, and strongly think that this year is different. Look at what they have been able to do, all the records, the 8-0 on the road, they are Super Bowl bound!
  15. Rocky

    I would appreciate any support on the new streaming channel:

    I would appreciate any support on the new streaming channel: