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Recent content by .Reiko

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    How much will you pay for a pair of pants?

    The question is: how much would you pay for underwear? Pants -- no more than $60
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    last movie you saw?

    Transformers 3 in theaters. On TV, Home of the Brave
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    Boss fights needed?

    I love boss fights. They are my favorite part of RPG's. For FFXIII, I couldn't wait to fight the bosses, especially Bathandelus, cause you fought the dude like 5 times XD They present a challenge and the fight usually lasts longer.
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    Weird people you run into

    I ran into this really weird dude that kind of resembled Santa. I dont know, he was just kinda pervy. Oh, wait. That's DS. Really though, some dude came up to my and my friend and asked if we'd buy him a hamburger at McDonalds. I also had a drunk guy tell me and my friends "Hey. I would like...
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    Bad Family Members

    1. My sister - spoiled, bratty, selfish, inconsiderate, and almost everything out of her mouth is a lie. She steals my crap all the time (like bracelets, clothes, shoes, etc..), and claims everything to be hers. She never keeps her word (told me she'd pay me to pick her up at a friends house...
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    Computer chair

    My chair is actually a dining room type of chair. It's made of iron, has a leather covered cushion, and a fancy back.
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details

    Bleh. They should have kept Lightning the main character again. I already dislike this Noel kid. He reminds me too much of Kingdom Hearts xD
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    Final fantasy XIII-2

    Wasn't Fang and Vanille part of the huge crystal thing that kept Cocoon from crashing into Gran Pulse?
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    what are you listening to right now?

    The lazy song ticks me off when it comes on the radio XDD Juggernauts - Enter Shikari
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    Should we deploy troops to other countries when...

    Why are we sticking our noses into other country's businesses in the first place? ISOLATIONISM, DAMNIT. RETURN TO IT.
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    Final fantasy XIII-2

    Well they may be. I would be extremely thrilled if they did.
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    First M rated game

    I think Grand Theft Auto III. God, that was a great game.
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    Final fantasy XIII-2

    There's a simple solution that everyone can be happy with. Create FFXIII-2. People who loved FFXIII and want the sequel, buy it. Those who are against XIII-2, don't buy it. It's brilliant! Im personally kinda disappointed with the introduction of new (somewhat lame looking) characters, and of...
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    Happy Birthday Kisame

    I didnt get a birthday thread :(