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Recent content by pixelpro

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    HTML5 Games

    Very nice, I really need to learn how to code HTML 5, i've been planning too, it looks so good!
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    Fable: The Journey

    Oh, OMG, IS THIS KINECT ONLY? if it is, microsoft can go die :(
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    Skype down?

    It seems today, since microsoft has taken over Skype it has been down today, just a fault or microsofts fault? What are your opinnion's?
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    Saw 2

    Personally, Don't think it would appeal to me.
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    China is Holding Rare Earth Metals Hostage

    Didn't know china had 95% of the Earth's rare minerals, Do know. I guess that's why they are in an economic boom!
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    Facebook friend limits

    I guess it could be used as a form of protection, who actually knows 2000 people?
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    3D Xbox 360?

    That sounds awesome, Would get very tiring I have to admit, one downside.
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    Check out the site, we need feedback (and pics/votes) from all members!

    I have to say, I love your site and the fact you offer cover on your parts, very nice!
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    Without War, some nasty people would be in power and If they were left in power then there could be more death and suffering.
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    People who use the word gay as an insult.

    I dont purposely, I admit if im doing something and get annoyed I might say it to myself, but I don't direct it at people
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    What's the weather like for you?

    Cloudy :(
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    Windows 8

    I dont like the look of it, I like windows 7 better and I have just got Windows 7 on one of my new computers, I have had it overall for about a year!
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    Last program used

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    Cellphones giving us cancer?

    Saw this, I guess you have to have a great/mass exposure to them for it to affect us greatly.