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Recent content by kingcool52

  1. kingcool52

    Happy Birthday, kingcool52

    I had tried it before and didn't like it either. Then I had it again at the restaurant and loved it! You definitely need to buy the proper stuff to enjoy it I think
  2. kingcool52

    Happy Birthday Mr. Demon!

    Happy Birthday Demon :)
  3. kingcool52

    Happy Birthday, kingcool52

    Just went out to a Korean BBQ. Nothing too special unfortunately because its always so close to Christmas.
  4. kingcool52

    Happy Birthday, kingcool52

    Thank you very much guys :)
  5. kingcool52

    Last Game Bought

    Yeah, it's been really fun. Certain aspects of it could do with some work but overall, I'm having a great time with the game. Bit sad that there aren't any multiplayer trophies though
  6. kingcool52

    Last Game Bought

    Pre-ordered Modern Warfare which comes out on Friday
  7. kingcool52

    Other Epic Games sued due to Fortnite being addictive as cocaine

    LMAO, people don't know how to parent properly and then blame the developers. Doesn't help that people think they can sue for almost anything nowadays
  8. kingcool52

    Bus Simulator (PS4, Xbox One)

    That's amazing actually. I didn't really think of ETS because I haven't had any experience with it so not too sure about how realistic it is. The trucking sim on console right now is more of an arcade game than a simulator sadly.
  9. kingcool52

    Other GameStop Stores Undergoing Redesigns

    It's nice but I wonder how effective a redesign is going to be. Right now, online stores are just so much better for purchasing games especially with all the discounts available.
  10. kingcool52

    Credits giveaway

    Does this one count for me :D -
  11. kingcool52

    Bus Simulator (PS4, Xbox One)

    To be fair, I'm not sure how reliable these types of simulators would be for training. But the proper simulators like flight simulators can definitely be used for training but in proper settings where they have to use the physical buttons and joysticks etc.
  12. kingcool52

    Bus Simulator (PS4, Xbox One)

    I guess it's a bit niche. It caters to the people that like buses or the ones that just like to drive around a map. For me, it's a great game to unwind to and relax with.
  13. kingcool52

    Bus Simulator (PS4, Xbox One)

    Bus Simulator for console is releasing today (17th of September). This is the console version of the hit game, Bus Simulator 18 which is already available for PC. Will you be getting it? Or are you not a huge simulator fan?
  14. kingcool52

    Multi Video Games Release Dates Week (9/16/19+)

    I don't know if you're joking but it is available on PC (It's Bus Simulator 18) :P Looking forward to it. I'll keep an eye out on Truck Driver for console as well but only if they update it. It looks poor at the moment
  15. kingcool52

    PC/Mobile Discord is axing its Nitro Games catalog since almost nobody plays them

    But happens to the users that were taking advantage of it? This is the one problem with these digital services, to be honest. You can't do anything if they take it away