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Recent content by KennyC1139

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    Is PC gaming affordable to most people?

    It actrually depends on the game lol , usually most popular games are like around 40-50. To me i guess that is still an affordable price if you are willing to get that game, and it should be worth you money anyways.
  2. K

    Do you think if PC games were made to run great on 5 year old PC, more people game on PC?

    New Pc games are probably made with better and higher graphics, meaning that they are made mostly for the newest grapic card there is and that means that it should be a new computer. With the new types of graphics and intesnse action i dont think 5 year old computers will be able to keep up
  3. K

    Count to 100

    weeee eighty! we are almost done lol
  4. K

    What is making you happy?

    The thing that is making me happy right now is webcamming with my girlfriend =D
  5. K

    Count to 1000!

    three hundred and forty three lol this is gona take a while
  6. K

    Yes or No

    Yes Risk your life to save a stranger?
  7. K

    This Or That

    I would rather die being frozen. Bit by a Bee or a mosquito
  8. K

    What is pissing you off...

    Pisses me off that my parents are so strict and doesn't let me go many places with my friends
  9. K

    The sims 3

    Lol i have this game already and it is pretty fun, although it is very time consuming
  10. K

    Bleach Soul Resurrección (Soul Ignition)

    dang it doesn't seem so bad lol , i might want to get this, it is also nice that it is in english as well, well atlease i think it is
  11. K

    Do you own a gaming mouse and keyboard for PC gaming?

    Yea i would not buy a gaming keyboard or a gaming mouse just to play games, a basic keyboard/ mouse would work fine for me, its practically the same thing lol . works the same
  12. K

    Do you prefer playing PC games in full-screen or non-full screen mode on your monitor?

    If i have the choice i would always play my games on windowed mode so i can do other things at the same time such as go on aim and talk to my friends lol . Or else my girlfriend gets mad if i ignore her >.>...
  13. K

    Is online flash gaming the most convenient form of gaming?

    Flash games are more convienent but they just aren't as fun as games where you download or games you get from CDs and stuff.
  14. K

    Greatest selling PC game of all time

    Starcraft 2 is going to catch up to it! lol haha jk i dont know, but i think starcraft 2 is funner than this
  15. K

    Blizzard Donates $800,000

    Gota love blizzard , i love their games , all of them and now they show that they are such a good company by donating to kids that need it. amazing.