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    PlayStation Vita Region Free

    Finally. I kind of disliked the fact that the PS3 was not region free at the start because I wanted to buy Japanese games to play but I couldnt due to the region till they removed that. Now that the Playstation Vita is region free, I can truly enjoy all the games available out there! (:
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    Do you prefer playing PC games in full-screen or non-full screen mode on your monitor?

    Actually it depends. If it's a game where details are crucial to the progress of the game, such as Devil May Cry where you need to spot secret doors and stuff then full screen would be better. But if it's a game like Pro Evolution Soccer, I think windowed mode for me is just fine (:
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    what are you listening to right now?

    Ryu - I'm So Happy
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    Where do you buy your games?

    For me I purchase them from my friend's shop. Do get a few dollars off the price and it is also better because I can always go to my friend should I encounter any problems! (:
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    Super Pokémon Rumble 3DS

    Sounds cool! Been playing the Pokemon series and a real time duel system sounds really appealing instead of the "select-a-move-and-attack" type!
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    Kissing Controller

    Wow I feel it is kind of disgusting to kiss a controller. But if the character in the game is really pretty...... HEHEHE
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    First M rated game

    GTA for me too. If Quake is counted too then yes i played it when i was 12 LOL
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    What is the difference between JailBreaking and hacking electronics like the iPhone, iPod touch, etc

    Yes I agree. Jailbreaking enables more convenience and personalization of your own Apple device. Jailbreaking in the sense is hacking because you get to install applications for free but if we do not abuse jailbreaking, it also enables to install applications that is unavailable in the Apple App...
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    Best headphones for music

    I think at IT fairs Sennheiser has some really cheap earphones on sale. I got my pair of Sennheiser earphones for 20 dollars - a real bargain for me!
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    FBI Raids College Kids

    This is quite ridiculous. Arresting people because of gold farming in World of Warcraft - then wouldnt those who do gold farming in runescape, maple story be liable to get arrested to? Outrageous.
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    War is unjustified in the sense that it leads to the loss of innocent lives due to decisions of leaders. But nonetheless we cannot deny that war will spur a country to increase its efficiency in production, boost its technologies at the cost of the lives of its citizens. For me I do not really...
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    Short or long hair for girls?

    It really depends. Some girls look awful with short hair but some look awful with long hair too. Generally I'm fine with both! (:
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    Americas Got Talent 2011

    If I'm not wrong there's also Britain's Got Talent! I think both the shows have good entertainment value because sometimes they have people who go on stage thinking their singing is awesome when it is actually - crap :X
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    For me I think it really depends on circumstances. If the child will be brought into the world to suffer due to huge disagreements between their parents, then it is better for abortion. But on the other hand I feel abortion is unjustified because the child is innocent and should not have his/her...
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    3D Xbox 360?

    Wow this is real quite interesting. Apart from the 3DS which is a portable handheld console, there isnt any other game console that offers 3D gaming. This will definitely be worth looking forward to!