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  1. Grungie

    PlayStation Ys: Memories of Celceta - Western Launch Date Announcement Trailer

    The fixed camera angle and lack of jumping will feel weird when you’re used to Ys VIII.
  2. Grungie

    PlayStation Ys: Memories of Celceta - Western Launch Date Announcement Trailer

    I own the Vita version, but this is cool for people who haven’t played it.
  3. Grungie

    Surface Pro X

    Hopefully, but at least it’s not a Google product where they’re notorious for not sticking to much of anything.
  4. Grungie

    Set schedule for anime watching

    You don’t wanna relate, because he’s lying about being busy. He’s usually talking about how much he’s binged in a very short amount of time, on a regular basis. Though when I recommend a show to him, the tires screech and he legit asks why I think he has time to watch anime. wat
  5. Grungie

    Lockdown extension

    My state is phasing out of the lockdown by the end of the week.
  6. Grungie

    Have you been scanning your computer for viruses, spyware, and malware more often because the Coronavirus lockdown?

    Tbh Froggy does seem to do a lot of (or concoct) a bunch of excessive things on computers if you go through his threads.
  7. Grungie

    True legendary creatures Vs made-up creatures in anime

    I don’t have a preference, I’ve seen and enjoyed both types.
  8. Grungie

    Set schedule for anime watching

    I have a laundry list of things I have to take care of every day, and I get bored doing singular tasks for long periods of time. So bingeing is not for me. I have a friend that’s basically the opposite, so that actually gets annoying when you recommend him shows, and “magically” he doesn’t...
  9. Grungie

    Do you use your bedroom as a bedroom?

    I have my main desktop that I use for audio production, and my modern consoles in the living room, and my gaming desktop, retro consoles, and crt in my bedroom.
  10. Grungie

    Gabriel Dropout

    Definitely. Sometimes it was her own fault, especially with Gab, but Raphi was ruthless to her. I did love the irony between the two races where the angels were more evil than the demons.
  11. Grungie

    Do you use your bedroom as a bedroom?

    Before I got more stuff, I used to only use my bedroom for sleeping. Though after getting more stuff, I have my entertainment split between my bedroom and my living room.
  12. Grungie

    Gabriel Dropout

    Also poor Satania, ever got to eat her melon bread.
  13. Grungie

    Gabriel Dropout

    I loved this show, I identified with Gab before the lockdown, and even more after the lockdown.
  14. Grungie

    Sega Dreamcast?

    I've never played PSO, mostly due to a lack of interest in the gameplay, but I do have a somewhat petty gripe over the PSO fandom. It's probably due to an age gap, but there are times I feel like I'm the only person under the age of 35 that cares about the original tetralogy, much less knows...
  15. Grungie

    The Entire Zelda Timeline Explained

    Probably too much time on their hands, coupled with some people who read a lot deeper into things that I look at at face value.