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    Rocks instead of DS

    I read about this too. Whats with wal-mart not checking their returns after that memory stick incident?
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    Wii the Least Played Console

    Is that something an extreme fanboy stated or something? I agree with the gracious admin, I'd expect "cool people" to be the ones with 360's.
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    Loss of a pet

    I can sympathize. I love animals and am always sad when one dies. I always remind myself that I was lucky enough to enjoy it and should be ahppy I could be with it rathar than be sad that it is gone.
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    Happy Easter!

    The same goes for me.
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    Mature DS Games Risky?

    QUOTE Previous GTA titles on the PSP have sold in excess 1 million units lifetime I don't think its really fair to compare lifetime sales to those of the first month >_> I also think M rated games would probably be better on consoles since those can offer better violence which is exactly what...
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    It'll probably be a DS game for the DSi. Not sure about anything else though.
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    Karate expert kills two over lice infection

    He killed them... over lice? Heneeds help.
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    Count to 1000!

    +1! For future reference: do we have to count by ones?
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    Rabbids Go Home

    Shouldn't this be in the Nintendo section?
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    What are your summer plans?

    I plan on geting a job and attending a thing where you live on a college campus for 2 weeks and take a college course.
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    Tales of News

    I know a friend wh'll love this.
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    Sony in a world of hurt?

    The problem is that its past the holidays.
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    Sony in a world of hurt?

    I was thinking primarily PS2 games, but the backwards compatability is good. I can't help but wonder why they're doing this when the PS2 is still doing as well as it is.
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    25-year-old died using Wii Fit game

    R.I.P. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Thats a scientific name >_> I feel bad for this guy, I hope he lived a good life.
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    Sony in a world of hurt?

    Froggyboy, I'd honestly rather get a PS2 than a PS3. There is a lot on the PS2 (Like Final fantasy 8-12) and not too much I'm interested in on the PS3.