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    Infuriating Games?

    League of Legends can get pretty infuriating. Not because it's a bad game but because of the people. There are some people that are just...bad. There is no getting around it. Or people who throw the game on purpose. It gets super annoying.
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    Dream about Video Games?

    Actually no I haven't dreamed of being in the video games. I have had a dream once or twice replaying matches I had right before bed.
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    Yes or No

    No, not that I know of. Sure, I don't like things, but it's never to the point of fear. Do you have a smart phone?
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    Yes or No

    No, not usually. I can be though. Do you game often?
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    Yes or No

    No, I've not been arrested. Have you ever hurt yourself because of gaming?
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    How many games have you properly completed

    How many games do you own? Over 20 NES games (not going to go count). 2 SNES games (it's broken ): ) 10 PS1 games About 5 PS2 games Around 10 Xbox games (I usually borrow friends') Currently playing 3 PC games (I uninstall and install games a lot) How many of them have you played? All of them...
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    last movie you saw?

    The other night I was over at my boyfriend's brother's house. My boyfriend, his brother, his sister in-law, and I all sat down and watched The Immortals. Last movie in theaters was The Avengers.
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    Transgender and Gay Rights?

    I honestly don't see why gay marriage is such a huge deal. Yes, I know marriage is usually religious and a lot of religions frown upon it. Many gays are religious though, why should they be denied marriage? Atheists get married but someone of that religion can't? Also, we have way more important...
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    Survive without tech

    If I grew up without it all, I would be fine. If it happened right now, I'd feel a little lost. I could easily find something else to do though. I'm definitely an art fanatic. Life without technology may even be better for the country in all honesty.
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    Why must curse words be bad?

    There's a limit to using them and a level of respect. A couple years ago I was a young teen walking around. A 7 year old started cussing me out and calling me a bitch. I've heard him speak that way to his mother, father, friends, and complete strangers. There is no need for that and yes, it...
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    Last program used

    Firefox and Skype are my last programs used. I'm currently using them both right now. iTunes is about to be opened in the background as well.
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    What should you be doing right now?

    Technically, I should probably finish up dishes and get ready. I have no idea when I'm leaving though so it doesn't really matter.
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    Games you'd never be bored of?

    I could never get bored of Super Mario Bros (NES) and the Pokemon games (GBS, DS). I've played them over and over and over. I will always be able to. Hell, I still do. Legend of Zelda is another one that I could just keep playing.
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    Should I buy xbox 360 or wait for 720?

    As everyone else said, definitely go with the 360 right now. There's no point in waiting that long and who knows how good the 720 will even be.
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    Specs for PC Gaming

    I'm currently building one right now. I'll have i5 CPU, a GTX 580 for graphics, 8GB Ram, and a 1TB hard drive. The i5 could easily be upgraded to an i7 but I was staying a little cheaper. Same with the GTX 580, it could be upgraded as well but it's still good.