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Recent content by Colin

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    [updated]Starcraft II not cheap to make

    Starcraft II is a great game. I picked it up yesterday, and I've played many hours since then. :P
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    Valve Compensates 12,000 Banned Gamers

    Yeah, I saw this as well. Valve is the only company I know with this much dedication to their buyers.
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    WoW money gets real

    Just what we need... Geeks wandering around the real world thinking they're in a videogame. "Hey, can I buy this with some gold?"
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    Real pokemon Black and white

    Hahaha, that's classic. :)
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    Yes or No

    Absolutely not, I wouldn't even consider it. :P Do you believe we were put on this earth for a purpose?
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    3 letter story

    the end of
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    Ctrl-V game

    Now he hasn't got a picture. His machine's dead and cold. Reinstall Windows... As I slowly grow old... ^Was trying to figure out a song from another thread
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    Obama in Madden NFL 11

    Lol, that's basically the same for me. Never liked sports games.
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    Other OS Lawsuits are Combining

    I forget where I read this, but a university somewhere bought a ton of PS3s to run advanced calculations on (something similar to that...) just because it had great raw processing power for a low price. To accomplish this, it was required to install Linux. Now what? They're just going to throw...
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    3DS Can Stop Piracy?

    "I actually asked Nintendo to explain the technology and they said it's very difficult to do so because it's so sophisticated," he adds. Lol, really? Nintendo isn't even able to explain it? This seems strangs.... Things won't change at all with the 3DS.
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    Hey Guys.

    Hey guys. I'm Colin, and I'm new here. I play a wide range of videogames across multiple consoles, but I spend most of my current time on the computer. Hope to get to know you all!