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Recent content by Clanievick

  1. Clanievick

    Happy Birthday, Claraviolet

    Happy Birthday @Claraviolet !!
  2. Clanievick

    Happy Birthday, King45Gamer

    Happy belated birthday King45Gamer
  3. Clanievick

    Happy Birthday Gaming Latest for 12 Years!

    Happy 12th Birthday GL :D
  4. Clanievick

    Post your current money amount

    I have 3,968
  5. Clanievick

    Welcome 2019

    Happy New Year ! :)
  6. Clanievick

    Multi Video Games Release Dates Week (9/24/18+)

    Life is strange 2 PC, I like they add more into this franchise even with diferent character, Gotta wait some %off, and Gonna buy PS4 lol I should try some PS4 exclusives game
  7. Clanievick

    September Arcade Contest

    um.. let me fix it :D
  8. Clanievick

    Happy 11th Birthday Gaming Latest!

    I maybe late to say, but well Grats for the 11th GL birthday
  9. Clanievick

    I am new here :)

    Hi Shernaly, welcome to GL!
  10. Clanievick

    Another rock.

    Hi anyona54, welcome to Gaming Latest
  11. Clanievick

    *Player_0010110 joined the game* Greetings fellow gamers!

    Hi masquezane01, Welcome to Gaming Latest!
  12. Clanievick

    Jurassic World Evolution

    Wew, a 'create your own dinosaur park' game
  13. Clanievick

    Animal Super Squad

    I already see the gameplay in some lets play channel, yeah its a simple game with only few control to play it I see that some custom level (that created by another player / yourself) is better than the story level, and lot of player playing it (not that much but at least they create lot custom...
  14. Clanievick

    Australia can now get unlimited data on mobile

    wew that speed is still high after reach the limit (well um for me), nice
  15. Clanievick

    Australia can now get unlimited data on mobile

    70$ for that 40 GB of data and for that speed, and after reach 40 GB it still can be used for watch youtube videos Its sure that connection have more speed than my connection even if i didnt reach the data limit