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  1. Black Angel

    Logged out of websites?

    I think that in my case it might've been cookie issues, but it also might've been the crap that I have been going through with my host lately.. I am doing everything I can to fix it though. And in your case it might be because your device is encrypted by out of the box. When I got my V20 I was...
  2. Black Angel

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Explodes In Boy’s Bed

    Alright, I will as soon as I unfuck my forum lol.. I have to clean up some things in the backend anyway.. After yesterday, I had to take a day off from it, but I'll be back on it today..
  3. Black Angel

    Is a PC Mouse more useful than PC keyboard on a Tablet or Smartphone?

    Admitedly, I dont really draw on my phone or tablet, but for uses that require more precision, I use my stylus, and I would likely make sure that my tablet has a stylus as well.. This is why I will always stick with the Galaxy Note series..
  4. Black Angel

    "worth it" to pay an extra $10-20 for unlimited bandwidth for Internet service?

    I would say that it wasn't worth it, I am never in that serious need of a connection like that, unless I'm uploading something and even then, I do that late at night where the bandwidth is usually less restricted. Besides, the speed could be artificially slowed down or throttled, so that the...
  5. Black Angel

    Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell

    Thanks DS, and yeah on the subject of fiction, this move is palpable, but at the same time it isn't as if there is a shortage of Asian actors to fit the part.. I believe quite a few notable actresses have already said their piece on this. I was watching Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. not too long ago...
  6. Black Angel

    Ever used a PC mouse to play a mobile game?

    No. Besides I have a stylus.. so on the chance that I will need extra precision, I can always use that instead..
  7. Black Angel

    Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell

    I have an issue with the concept of White washing, but in this case not so much as it is a fictional series.. I think in this case she was cast mainly because she is pretty good in action, Marvel films and so, this isn't a far leap from that. What is important, is intent, and I don't think...
  8. Black Angel

    Fake Hackers making 100K

    It just goes to show that knowledge is power.. Though, I wonder if those fake hackers used a site like this one to scare people..
  9. Black Angel

    Brave Browser - faster Web by banishing intrusive ads

    If you are concerned with privacy then Ghostery might be worth a shot.. Just make sure that you opt OUT of GhostRank and you'll be fine.
  10. Black Angel

    When did you use the internet for the first time?

    Aren't they still around? Anyway, I certianly don't miss the WildTangent spyware that came with it.. it was a nightmare to remove..
  11. Black Angel

    Tegra K1 JXD S192 “retro” gaming tablet goes on pre-order

    I have a JXD unit and they are fucking liars where battery life and capacity is concerned. My S7800b is advertized as having a 5000mAh battery, even on the JXD site itself, and it is really 2100mAh. I know this, because I checked it. That said as nice as this looks there is no way in hell I'd...
  12. Black Angel

    Galaxy S6 Edge Plus catches fire – “Sizzling and nasty fumes erupting”

    Battery explosion caused by the processor overheating most likely.. Also the guy is an idiot for using his S3 charger with the phone.. there is a very good reason why they say to use the charger that came with the device. The chargers have been changed from that generation of devices to the...
  13. Black Angel

    Who is your hero?

    Yes, but what isn't nice is the fact that the racists are causing backlash over the fact that their genocidal hero won't be on it. She was more of an American hero than he was.
  14. Black Angel

    Jury awards Hulk Hogan $115M in sex tape lawsuit against Gawker

    Per the First Amendment.. although I am getting tired of people pleading the 1st for things that it really doesn't apply to.. A few years ago, porn stars sued the state of California because of a law they were proposing that would have forced the directors to require condom use in their movies...
  15. Black Angel

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Explodes In Boy’s Bed

    I did that yesterday.. I also switched back to Avast Antivirus and am using their clean up tool and battery saver as well.. I guess I should update that thread hunh?